• PBCRA series
    Easy field installation with outstanding performance
    & high durability

PBCRA series is

Based on the PLC (power line communication) technologies, the PB30ANH provides outstanding monitoring system
without any obstacles such as lack of power, communication failures, distance restriction and etc.
PB30ANH optimized to install places under communications disruption such as underground utility tunnels,
underground electricity room of the large factories and etc.

PBCRA series

PBCRA series with wireless battery pack, explosion, dust-proof and waterproof options enable operation in harsh indoor and outdoor environments.

· Standardized module for easy installation with outstanding performance & high durability
· PIPEBOT has been acknowledged durability & field applicability by years of various field experiences.

CRA Rail system

Standardized modules of the CRA Rail make it easier to design & install slope & curved rail structures along with needed surveillance area.

- Dedicated aluminum rail system
- Automatic wireless charging & Air washing station (option)
- Intelligent control panel
- Including parts
   · CRA Cable
   · Fixation parts

PBCRA series specification
Travel speed 0.1 ~ 1.0 m/s (Variable)
Position repeatability ±10.0 mm (Straight section)
The radius of curvature R ≥ 1000 mm
Slope 15°(Max)
Communication CRA type (cable type radiation antenna)
Power Supply Self-charging (Wireless charge system / Charging time < 60M )
Power consumption MAX 360W
Weight (Main body) < 30 kg
Size 430(W) x 290(D) x 320(H)
Commutation distance ≤ 1,000 M
PBCRA models
Water & dust proof Explosion proof Low noise

Hardware option